Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I found this great PSA from the Ad Council about drunk driving. I think humor can help put important issues like drunk driving into perspective. Although, many of you may not have to deal with these issues directly especially being in NYC (or without a car where ever you are), I still think it is worth the discussion.

PSAs often have a tough task especially in modern times where the standards for good and memorable commercials are very high. PSA not only have to catch your attention, but they also have to teach you a lesson, be informative and attempt to invoke an emotion from you.

You want something that is smart, informative and maybe even funny but often in those attempts you end up with something that is unfunny, depressing & insensitive. This ads succeeds because it touches on recognizable type of humor and a familiar concept of being “buzzed.”


Another one with a similar presentation:

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