Friday, July 4, 2008

Random News & Stories

Stories that interested me in the past but I didn't get to post them earlier.

S Africa bans Aids vitamin trials

"A South African court has banned unauthorized trials of vitamin therapies for Aids, which some say are a health risk..."

BBC News

- South Africa has a bad history with the use of vitamins to "cure" AIDS/HIV, so this is major progress.

YouType: The strange allure of making your own fonts.

"In April, an online font clearinghouse called FontShop quietly uploaded a program that, the company wrote, was meant to be "purely entertaining—something to kickstart creativity." FontStruct, a browser tool that lets anyone create an original font, was so popular that the site's servers crashed within days of the official launch..."


- The New York Times has an article about this too. I didn't know making your own fonts was the cool thing to do now. Guess I should start making my own fonts now.

Monaco Grand Prix Is Glamorous and Grueling

"Since its debut in 1929 as one of the earliest Grand Prix races, Monaco has captured the attention of even the least enthusiastic of motor-racing imaginations. There is no setting in the world quite like the cliffs, luxurious homes and buildings that form the race’s backdrop, the harbor filled with multimillion-dollar yachts, and the rich and glamorous crowd the race attracts every year, as it no doubt will again..."

New York Times

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