Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesse Jackson’s “Crude” Remarks

So you or may not have heard but Jesse Jackson made what has been called “disparaging words” about Barack Obama concerning his Father’s Day Speech and Faith-Based Initiatives as they apparently seem to talk down to black people.

Let’s watch:


Okay. I don’t care about debating this. Its too touchy and sparks a negative nerve on both sides. Actually it sparks a nerve on 3 sides. You got the Democrats split then also Republicans.

You can comment on whether its true or not. Some people think Obama did it for political points (it happens it what politicians do) and so people said he had a sister souljah moment where he’s repudiating an extremist view or just telling the truth and maybe he’s not telling the truth.

Oddly enough this is really unrelated but I didn’t know the word “nuts” was banned from public discourse. This clip from 23/6, shows just how hard it is even explain what Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off. Apparently, these remarks were crude and hurtful because Jesse Jackson was believed to have made plans to follow through with his statement. Somewhere along this line you know I am being sarcastic. Hopefully…

Watch(One of the best parts is 1:26 when Al Sharpton in a serious face says “Yeah):


Really CNN?

Maybe they could have said that Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off Obama’s Testicular Fortitude.

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