Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why was he shot five times?

Mark Saunders

Over England some sad news from the last few weeks.  A young barrister (English word for lawyer), was shot at least five times by a police officer as he was firing his shotgun of his window in West London home. Apparently, this was a part of siege and intense negotiations but unfortunately it didn't end up working out.

Mr. Saunders, the victim (is that an appropriate description) had a "drink problem," and been dealing with a stressful job and recent estrangement form his wife.

The interesting part about this was that this guy's father doesn't understand why his son was shot five times. It is wierd to me to think that five times is a lot. Being from America and from New York in particular, being shot five times isn't too much. Although, being shot to begin with in any circumstance is a tragic incidence.

Considering how many shots the NYPD gives out it's interesting to see cultural comparison of how many shots are deemed to be ridiculous. Although these are singular cases I think to a certain extent this is a reflection of the culture itself.

From Wikipedia:

Gun politics in the United Kingdom, much like gun politics in Australia, places its main considerations on how best to ensure public safety and how deaths involving firearms can most effectively be prevented. Unlike in the United States, there is practically no modern organized "right to keep and bear arms" lobby remaining in the United Kingdom, and little debate between pro-gun control and pro-gun ownership advocates. These two situations create what is believed to be some of the strictest gun legislation in the world.

Interesting. What do you think?

Times Online

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