Thursday, May 15, 2008

Testicular Fortitude

Here is a great and awkward moment from the campaign trail.

Now onward to our main attraction.


Some of you may remember the hit song "Get Low," from rapper Lil Jon. Some of you may even remember this line from the song "To the window, to the wall, (to dat wall), To the sweat drop down my balls (MY BALLS)." Well from  NYU's ITP Showcase comes a large pair of balls meant to simulate real scrotum (albeit a Norse Frost Giant's scrotum) with the ability to expand and contract based on the outside temeperature.

Basically Teste Touch has a built in temperature sensor like that of real life testicles that shrivel and expand when it is either warm or hot. In addition the testicles apparently giggles and move too. I don't know whose testicles do that but it is great to see what science students do in their free time. These balls definitely exhibit fortitude with their larger than usual nature and I would hate to be in the way of some rogue balls if something goes wrong.

Check out a demonstration of the balls in action.

Deez Nuts are Made for Ticklin - Gizmodo

Teste Touch

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