Sunday, May 25, 2008

Telescope Links London to NYC

So some guy has created a telescope linking London to NYC.

From Kanye West's blog:
The installation's creator Paul St George claims to have just completed a forgotten tunnel connecting New York to London and, using giant parabolic mirrors, has reconstructed a Victorian-era optical device enabling people on either end of the tube to wave at each other. It installed the webcams and broadband internet sending live video in both directions. You can also at the Tower Bridge in London see a same electroscope.

This is an interesting except for the fact that it includes video, which to me defeats the purpose or at least reduces the uniqueness of this. Nevertheless, its great to see what people waste their time making. Although, if I had some friends studying abroad in London, I would make sure that they would meet up just so we can wave at each other.

Thanks to Kanye West

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