Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tackling the NYU graduate at Yankee Stadium

Ignoring warnings to stay off the field, Lopez gave in to a spur of the moment impulse.

At NYU's commencement on Wednesday, May 14th, film student Will Lopez decided to take of his pants and run onto the field of Yankee Stadium to steal home.

As someone who was in attendance at this graduation and as a graduate myself I definitely must admit that it was exciting to see something unusual happen in the midst of 90 degree pomp and circumstance. I even cheered his efforts as he was tackled down by some officers and security guards. I even booed with the others to show my disapproval, knowing very well that I would never do the same thing.

This is the stuff of 80s and 90s movies high school/college movies. I am going to miss all the defiant students, pointless protests and irreverent moments that characterize the behavior of young adults in the age of ramapant materialism and the internets. Many of us attempt to defy the conventional behavior that has been set forth for us as adults while others sit and watch in disgust or with secret appreciation for the things that some of us wish we could do.

A security guard tackled him before he reached the plate.

As we attempt to run to home base we first need to make some stops. For some, home base is a successful career. Yet for others, home base is simply a satisfying life; neither terribly wealthy nor comfortably poor. It is the feeling that "I'm doing what I like."

Lopez, a 21-year-old aspiring filmmaker from Manhasset, L.I., said cops asked him if he had been drinking.

Unfortunately reality sets in after some time for many of us. We created a home for us to run to, but we get tackled down by economic realities, moments of failure that deter us from our efforts and situations in our lives that make us rethink the path that we have chosen to take.

On the field of dreams, we watched one of our own make an impossible run where barriers were set forth. Rules were broken right before our eyes as speakers told us about what we were supposed to accomplish in our lives because we were so "giant" and "great"

His run, in a way, represents our future. We won't be doing illegal things(hopefully) or interrupting the most important event in the lives of over thousands of students (maybe) but we certainly are trying run to our own home base.

In the article from the NY Daily News, Will Lopez's myspace for his band and his upcoming senior thesis film were briefly mentioned. Maybe that was the point after all. We know we may never achieve what we exactly want but if we get some attention on the way we may feel that we've did something.  If we add the fact that a new Yankee Stadium is being rebuilt next door, complete with a new home and a clean field for people to run on, we find that there was a lot of fuss about nothing.

We may not be able to reach our home base initially. But if we can recreate our own path maybe it will make it easier for us to reach that dream.


NYU grad tackled during Yankee dash

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