Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stories We Shouldn't Miss

Japanese official demoted for 780,000 hits on porn sites

This story is ridiculous. Some Japanese Civil Servant was demoted for watching too much porn from his office computer. None of his co-workers noticed how much porn he watched which is a feat in of itself.

Seal and penguin (Nico de Bruyn)

'Sex pest' seal attacks penguin

Deep in the Antarctic, some scientist caught a seal trying to have sex with a king penguin. It lasted 45 minutes and was caught on camera. Scientist are not sure if it was an agressive, predatory act or even a playful one turned sexual. However, they speculated that it maybe because the seal was sexually inexperienced and frusterated. Seems like they made the seal seem like a male freshman college student. A mammal attempting to copulate with a bird? Never again.

Trapped Sea Lions Shot Dead in Oregon

Some Sea Lions were thought to have been shot dead as they lay in traps meant to prevent them from gorging on salmon. Apparently, state and federal authorities set up these traps to "humanely catch and remove" them out of a dam to be sent to better places. However, upon closer examination in appear that something else "besides the bullet," caused the wounds. I'm wondering what this other thing was.


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