Friday, May 23, 2008

R. Kelly Uses the Wayans Defense

Thanks to New York Magazine for finding this. In R. Kelly's child-pornography, the defense used the Wayans Brothers at part of their defense. What does this mean?

imageWell apparently it is possible that there is someone out there who inserted Kelly's face onto the body through CGI to frame him. That is one serious hater, if you would go through all the that trouble to go on Final Cut Pro and/or Adobe Photoshop.

Robert Kelly has kept us laughing through Trapped in the Closet I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Now finally years later he goes to trial and he still manages to find a way to inject some of the ridiculousness that makes him such a beloved member of the music community.

The best part of this is:

"When a witness pointed out how ridiculous this is, attorney Sam Adam Jr. asked if she'd ever seen the Wayans brothers' acclaimed 2006 comedy Little Man: "They put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didn't it?" Yes. Yes it did."

I don't know...the attorney might have a point. By the way did anyone know that Trapped in the Closet had 22 Chapters? Sounds like a future post or posts waiting to happen.

Via New York Magazine from Chicago Tribune

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