Monday, May 26, 2008

Photos from Mars

As you may or may not have heard NASA in partnership with JPL-Caltech and the University of Arizona were successfully able to land spacecraft on Mar's Northern polar region. The Phoenix Mars Lander had it successfully landing last night (Sunday the 25th) and it has begun to capture photos.

I cannot stress how important this mission is...but I will try to anyway. Scientist believe this region holds a reservoir of ice beneath the soil ,anywhere from inches to a foot deep. Phoenix will look for clues as to when the ice melted and it will also look for organic compounds that are the building blocks for primitive life. Although, it cannot detect alien life, I'm sure scientist are hoping for some surprises.

Here are some photos to give you a taste of what they are looking at. You must remember though, this is Mars and the landscape is pretty much barren, so don't expect any trees or people or gold or random art.

image Phoenix Opens its eyes

image Icy, Patterned Ground on Mars

image Martian Plains

image More Martian Arctic Plains

For more photos and information, and to follow this mission, visit

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