Friday, May 2, 2008

Mountain Lions in California

Some random mountain lion in Santa Clara County, California killed five goats within the last week.


1. What the hell are mountain lions doing roaming the California country side?

2. What the hell are random goats doing in the wild?

3. I wish there was an elephant roaming the country side as well.

This story freakes me out:

Katie Pauley and her two children were just heading out the door to go to school when they spotted the mountain lion...

"We saw what we thought was a deer running across the field and up towards our fence, then my son noticed that it was a big mountain lion and then it hit us that we needed to check on the goats," said Katie Pauley, property owner.

They mistook a deer for a big mountain lion. They are lucky they didn't try to go play with it. I want to find out why we have random mountain lions and what we can do to increase their presence while adding more security. Is it possible to integrate mountain lions into the North American landscape like bears?Are have bears and lions battle it out for King of the Wild? We'll see.


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