Thursday, May 1, 2008

Incestuous Cellar Father also does Voice Impersonations


This cellar father story gets weirder and weirder as details emerge. Apparently Mr. Fritzl (the father who slept with his daughter) made a phone call to his wife in 1994. The interesting part about the phone call is that he pretended to be his daughter(the one that he locked up in a cellar for so long).

In the impersonation of his daughter's voice he asked his wife to take care of Elizabeth's baby(his daughter) who by coincidence dropped the baby at their doorstep. The mother had no clue she was talking to her husband and furthermore, it was brought to the police but nothing ever came of it. This story really boggles the mind. The mother must have been devastated at her daughter running away but then she may have gotten some hope when her daughter dropped her baby off but still unsure of where she was. Little did she know it was all her husbands and that is what makes the story truly scary.


One of the other interesting parts of this story is that three of the children of incest who grew up with Fritzl's wife (their grandmother) are all successful school and play the trumpet. They were doing well for being born in a cellar but than transferred to the upstairs world. What's odd is that it is never mentioned if these kids remember their lives before they moved upstairs or if they even recognize their siblings who lived in the cellar. In contrast, the cellar children were never told they were prisoners. In fact their mother made it seem like their lives were normal.

Unfortunately now these three kids who lived in the cellar (one of which is currently in a coma) will need probably four to eight years of some serious therapy to fix all the damage that has been to them. I wish these kids the best because they truly need all the help they can get.                                               


Times Online


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