Monday, May 12, 2008

In which I address things political

I've yet to write anything pertaining to politics, but you're probably only aware of that if you bother to check and see which of the three bloggers on this blog are responsible for each post. Anyway, I've got some interesting articles I'd like to share with you, and most of them are politically oriented.

The Washington Post published a  column way back on January 4 that has some wonderful advice, neatly summarized in the column's title: "Judge Him by His Laws." In this case, "He" is Barack Obama. This isn't rocket science, folks. If you want to get an feel for what sort of policy stances a politician will take, you should look at those they've taken in the past. If you want to know how well they play with members of the "other party," you should look at how they've played in the past. There's a great post over at Daily Kos that neatly summarizes Obama's legislative achievements (with a side-by-side comparison to Clinton's own achievements). If you'd like a more detailed history of just how Obama got to where he is today, well can sate that craving. Happy learning, folks.

On a similar note (and by "similar" I mean "not even tangentially related"), here's a funny website with a really long title that can be shortened to "Things younger than John McCain."

Lastly, here's a linked image. click it to see the full, legible version. It's a table of numerous different biofuels.

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