Friday, May 2, 2008

Imitation Milk: The Clones Strike Back

I didn't know McCormick also made imitation strawberry extract. I wonder if it even taste good. Apparently you can make Christmas Strawberry Bread with strawberry extract so it probably doesn't taste too bad.

Now on to our main feature.  As you may have noticed we've  been following the rise of imitation sites to Stuff White People The imitation series has gotten a lot of views and some are of high quality. Beginning with the Rise of Imitation Milk and then the Return of Imitation Milk, we've journeyed across the landscape of satirical cultural commentary that explored the most base of stereotypes. We decided to end the three part series with some additional sites that may or may not quench your thirst for "Stuff" sites. The quality for many of these sites inevitably gets worst especially when you move away from the WordPress format.

We may have a fourth series, but its unlikely since we aren't George Lucas, so we know when there is not enough material to do a fourth one. Never the less here is the final installment in a series of sites that have brought the Internet so much laughter.

Check it out:

Stuff Lesbians Like

Stuff Black People Hate

Stuff Cajun People Like

Stuff Orange and Blue People Like

Stuff Queer People Like

Stuff Korean People Like

Stuff Israeli People Like

White Stuff People Like

Stuff Straight People Like

Stuff Maize and Blue People Like

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