Friday, May 23, 2008

Headlines to Check Out

I included a photo and the first paragraph of each article.


U.S. Senate approves 83.4 bln pounds in new war money

The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved an additional $165 billion (83.4 billion pounds) to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan for another year after lawmakers blocked proposed timetables for withdrawing American troops from Iraq.

- This one is from the U.K. section of Reuters. When it is written as "war money," and in pounds it just makes it sound so disgusting and dirty and illegal. But then again the U.S. government is not known for being clean so it makes sense.


Error may force "re-do" of U.S. farm bill veto

Congress gave President George W. Bush an incomplete version of the $289 billion farm bill, a mistake that would erase his veto and may require lawmakers to pass the bill again, lawmakers and congressional aides said on Wednesday.

- Only our Congress (This looks a little bad for the Democrats who are in the majority) would send an incomplete bill to the White House. Then again maybe it was on purpose.

At Supreme Court, 5-to-4 Rulings Fade — but Why?

Where have all the 5-to-4 decisions gone? And whatever happened to the “Kennedy Court”? A year ago at this time, the Supreme Court had decided 13 cases by votes of 5 to 4, out of 41 total decisions. That proved to be an accurate snapshot of a highly polarized term. By the time the court wrapped up its work five weeks later, a third of the cases — the highest proportion in years — had been decided by margins of a single vote.

- This is a very interesting outcome that people should be paying attention to. A lot of people were worried about a split court due to the ideological leanings of the justice but it seems that they've been able to vote on different margins. Not sure if it is a testament to John Roberts' power, or the nature of the cases presented.


Tory Wins Labor Bastion, in Blow to Premier

Voters in this old railway town in Britain’s industrial Midlands sent a powerful message to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the governing Labor Party on Thursday, electing a Conservative candidate by a wide margin in a parliamentary constituency that had been a Labor bastion for decades.

- Gordon Brown must be the most unpopular person right now in Britain next to Heather Mills McCartney. It is a strange that what brought Tony Blair down was the war but maybe Blair left at the right time. I wonder how much gains the Tories will make in the next few months. Will Parliament become Tory dominated?

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