Monday, May 19, 2008

Facebook is Getting a Facelift

Facebook logo

Since Facebook arrived, if you noticed the site's look hasn't changed too much. It has a lot of new functions but general it's still the same despite the addition of 1,000 new functions.

Well that is about to change as designers are planning to change the profile page to make it what they call "Simpler, cleaner and more relevant." What the hell is more relevant? Facebook isn't relevant enough?

Well apparently the new profile will split the main profile into five separate page as tabs. I'm not liking this. I think they should just put applications into the tab because they take up the most space.

New look Facebook 'feed' page

What is your profile page without your wall? Then again many people I know don't have walls or at least limit access to it, so that may not matter.


Apparently, Facebook jumped in popularity when it allowed all these third party applications. I personally thought it was always popular for the college and graduate crowd. Facebook fundamentally changed when it stopped being a college only site. One of the big draws of Facebook was it simple nature and somewhat professional look (despite the embarrassing photos people post) in comparison to myspace.

I don't think Facebook is broke but it could certainly use a clean up. All this commercialization as one person mentioned is making Facebook less unique. Maybe Facebook's facelift needs to bring it back to what it once was.

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