Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don't be that guy...

Oh the Onion.... so witty, so funny, yet sadly so true.  Now if you have ever had an internship I'm sure you have run into this guy:

He's that guy that thinks he is so indispensable that the company is going to hire him on the spot to become the new CEO.  He thinks that he is the best thing to ever happen to the company and not keeping him full-time would be an injustice to their success.  They could not possibly function without him coming in two 6 hour days a week for 10 whole weeks.

Now let's recap.  Really this guy feels that his filing of documents, paper stocking, and making sure the office is "tidy" is something that cannot be replaced.  But wait a second... they're not paying him!  He is actually paying to be there.

This may seem pretty obvious to some people, yet everyday I find another person that has this in their mind.   Just recently I caught wind of someone I know deciding he deserved to be a full-time employee starting at about 50k in the music industry.  Now can we please think about this... 

free labor = easily replaced

Really it's all simple mathematics.  Why the hell would I pay you 50k to do something I could get another college student to do FOR FREE.  Also we can't all be this guy climbing up the corporate ladder:

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