Monday, May 5, 2008

Bottom of the Glass and a Post all in one!

I found so many interesting things today, I can't hope to write about them all. So, rather than shortchange you, i'll just give you one long Rundown (which leads me to my Bottom of the Glass post).

Walken Showing Up

(For those of you who don't know, Christopher Walken totally shows up in the middle of The Rundown and you are totally going to say exactly what it says on the poster, because he's Christopher Walken and he's friggin awesome).


Newsweek has a wonderful (if long) article by Fareed Zakaria that paints an interesting and believable view of a post-american future that is, impressively, inspiring and wonderful to behold. I do believe I've found my favorite portent of the near future to date!

Arxiv, a pre-print archive for research papers, has an article up basically pwning the faces off those dummies who say METI (messaging to extra-terrestrial intelligence) should stop sending messages out to space cause we might get invaded and enslaved by aliens. It's cool, trust me.

Juneau, Alaska cut their power consumption nearly in half. It's hard, but not impossible, and they've proven that. Check it out. Short article and worth the read.

Apes are just as smart as you. The only reason they haven't taken over is because they're not as cooperative (yes, I know you think everyone's out to get you and everyone is just watching out for themselves, but trust me, apes are like that X10.)

This is a test of a space elevator - a technology that will be totally awesome and you don't even know what it is or why. Just check out out and then tell me you think I'm wrong. If you do, I will fight you, because you are wrong and nobody is allowed to be wrong on the internet.

These pictures made me laugh. Hard. Jeeze...

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