Friday, May 2, 2008

American Idol: Credible No More

I didn't know American Idol was credible to begin with but as an article from the New York Times explains, because of Paula Abdul's fiasco, people now know judges see portions of dress rehearsals for the show to help formulate comments for the life performances at night.

If you don't know what I am talking about check out Paula Abdul's mix up.

I actually haven't watched the video above. Watching stuff like this makes me cringe. On national television she screwed up in the most embarrassing way that only adds to her perceived craziness. But she does her job well.

As far as American Idol goes which I haven't seen since the early 2000s, it's interesting to note that people are now wondering if the judges were given scripted comments. I've always been thinking that why wouldn't they get scripted comments? I'm sure Randy's writers stationary paper with the word "Yo Dawg," written at the top. People are looking to much in to this. This show was never supposed to be Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or the Amazing Race, so it should allowed to be sort of fake. We'll see how this snafu really affects their ratings.

New York Times

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