Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break Nepal Won't be Happening

So apparently Nepal's authorities are authorizing police and soldiers  to shoot protestors of the Olympic Torch as it travels to the summit of Mount Everest. Guess I won't be heading to Nepal anytime soon, because you know how much American students like to get into a good ole protest in a foreign country.

You know it's going to be bad when the Nepalese authorities told their police and soldiers to stop protest by using "whatever means necessary, including use of weapons." Malcolm X(and maybe Denzel Washington) would not be proud.

Although protesters will be persuaded and warned to leave it is unclear if protestors need to attack or be somewhat violent before they need to be shot in the face for blocking the torch. It is interesting to note that the torch relay was used to highlight China's interesting's progress in the economic and political realm.

I don't understand why more nations aren't taking tougher measures (if they seem to care so much) against China's supposed human rights violations or at least attempting to launch a full cooperative investigation of the allegations. Is China really that powerful that the whole world has to save face? With all the allegations are they really true or is some force trying to demonize China?

Former Argentinean tennis star Gabriela Sabatini

People say the world isn't united but I think their wrong. It seems like the world has joined together to blow out the torch wherever it goes. This is still some sad stuff if all these allegations are true and if any future violence continues to happen.

However, we've all come together to take a stand against human rights, by making sure that torch never reaches its goal, no matter how hot the torchbearer is and that is some unity right there.

ABC News

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