Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes Milk is Expensive

Waiehu Shell on Maui was charging $4.089 yesterday.

As gas prices prices reach ridiculous high amounts I wonder when and if this pattern will ever change. The politicians are promising changes while throwing the blame at the oil and gas industries and each other for these problems. Although some claim to know what the source of the high prices are and others try to dispute them, I wonder if Americans can do anything to change this unfortunate trend.

But is it as hopeless as we think it is? Will high gas prices prevent me and my family from driving up to Martha's Vineyard for the summer? Will my mom be able to to pick up my brother and his friends from soccer practice in her ford explorer?


............Probably Not. I've never been Martha's Vineyard and my mom doesn't drive a ford explorer. In addition, my brother has karate lessons. So I'll be fine as long as I don't pay for any extraordinary services. But these gas prices are still abnormal and something has be done.

Sometimes the best(or mildly instructive) solutions come from 3rd world countries. Especially those that are very close to us. If you've been watching the news about extremely poor countries close to the U.S. you may have heard through the grapevine that the country of Haiti has been going through a week of riots over rising food prices.

Sadly though the riots has led to the death of UN Officer. However, the riots led to Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis' dismissal. What is even better is that President of Haiti announced subsidies to reduce the cost of rice.

I'm not saying that Americans need to engage in violent protest. However there is clear evidence that a clear display of anger towards extremely high prices for certain things may lead to some change. We may not be able to get our own "Prime Minister" dismissed because we might look a little bit crazy. But maybe we can send a message that we want some subsidies.

Or better yet we can go to Costco to get our gasoline for cheaper because it will probably be in bulk. This is probably our best option because Costco probably has milk in bulk too and everything in bulk is cheaper...or is it?


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