Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes Imaginary Milk is Better

Unbeknownst to Robert Downey Jr. who will be playing Tony Stark in Marvel Entertainment's upcoming movie Iron Man, a real Exoskeleton suit awaits him. It's called the XOS. Sounds a bit too like SOS. That was probably corny but considering how drugged  Mr. Downey Jr. was at one point he'd probably laugh too.

But back to this thick piece of metal. The XOS suit's creator, Steve Jacobsen, has also created 80-ton mechanized dinosaurs. A real life Jurassic Park in the near future...?

The suit looks cools but unfortunately it relies on hydraulics which evidently waste a lot power. Inefficiency does suck.

It's too bad that ABC's show American Inventors was canceled. Maybe this guy could have won...or maybe not. Apparently this suit won't let you dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan or turn into Hercules. So what is it good for? I don't know, so I guess we should stick to the Iron Man suit from the movie because the real life one pretty much sucks.

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