Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Roundup of Things that Interest Me

The past couple of days have been a lot busier than usual, and tomorrow looks to be much the same. So, rather than provide you with the typical witty repartee you've come to expect from this blog, I will, instead, do a brief roundup of some of the things I'd like to have written about, had there been more time. So without further ado:

A small group of some twenty people chose to celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday by gathering at the Jefferson Memorial at midnight to dance to music playing on their ipods (being considerate revelers, they each listened to music via headphones so as to avoid disturbing others). This heinous act was, thankfully, dispersed by the always reliable Park Police, who even went so far as to arrest one of these hooligans. That'll teach them to... dance... silently... in a public space... when there's basically nobody else around...

Salon.com has an interesting article about the future of solar energy: namely, solar thermal electricity generation. It's all very interesting until about 7 paragraphs in, when it derails and launches into a whole history of solar thermal (going all the way back to the ancient Chinese using "burning mirrors" to light shit on fire like 2700 years ago).

This guy has got a pair of steel-plated balls. I wish we had more people like him around...

The Pioneer spacecraft has been experiencing some anomalous motion over the past 5-10 years. It's either due to waste heat causing the craft to move in an unexpected fashion (boring) or to an inaccuracy in Einstein's theories governing gravity (awesome).

This article makes the claim that free will has been disproved. I don't buy it, personally. What do you think?

That actually ended up as an average-length post... Weird how that happened. Oh well.

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