Monday, April 21, 2008

The Return of Imitation Milk

This isn't imitation milk but the carton looks similar to milk that it might as well have been milk even though its "imitation" banana extract.

Sometime ago we had a discussion about the rise of imitation sites in relation to the very famous and soon to be book Stuff White People Well lucky for our viewers we have even more to add to the list.


So check em out:

Stuff Fashion People Like

Stuff People Write on Money

Stuff Unimaginative Bloggers Like

Stuff White Trash People Like

Stuff White Parents Like

Stuff Desi/Brown People Like

Stuff Educated Black People Like

Stuff God Hates

Stuff Country People Like

Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Nobody Likes

Stuff Black People Love

Will all these imitations sites will people actually have time to visit them all? Or will they all visit the site that relates most to their own culture? I'm thinking in a weird way it may somewhat defeat the purpose of the "original" few sites.

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