Monday, April 14, 2008

Profiles in Oldness


Who is this guy?

His name is Irwin Corey and at the age of 93, he is the best thing since slice bread. In fact he is older than slice bread.

But enough about bread. This guy is a comedian professor and at the age of 93 is still making people laugh. Whether they are laughing because his jokes are still funny is another question but he's still working hard at the Friar's Club. In fact his hearing is hard too but it hasn't broken his spirit.

Known as a trailblazer in the comedic community, Corey has made a lifelong career out of his crazy professor character that goes back as far as the 1940s. He is also noted for being so liberal that even the communist party wouldn't accept him.

image A young Irwin

He seems like he'd be a cool dad(or grandpa if you acknowledge that he was born before WWII) too. He mentioned this about his son:

"I was very strict with him. When he went out at night, I used to tell him, ‘If you’re not in bed by midnight, come home"

He was also featured in documentary special titled "Playboy: The Party Continues" with Hugh Hefner which affirms that this guy is a true American Hero.

Is there anything our elders can't do?


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