Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Profiles in Geniusness

At NASA's 50th anniversary, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking declared this:

"If the human race is to continue for another million years, we will probably have to go where nobody has gone before"

It is an interesting point to make. As he's emphasized in the past, the moon and mars should be the first place where we make colonies. Bringing these issues to light is an important thing. We've spent so much time focusing on Global Warming as an issue worth combating for the future, that no additional planning has been made for the placement of the human race in the future.

Understandably, these all seems like minor concerns compare to the U.S. recession, rising food prices, and global terrorism among other major issues,but there should definitely be more of a drive to pursue this idea.

In response to the concern for other major issues and wasting time on searching for a new planet Hawking says this:

"But we can do that and still spare a quarter of a percent of world GDP for space. Isn't our future worth a quarter of a percent?"

Although our future may be worth more than a quarter of a percent doesn't mean the human race wants to actually spend any money on what we are actually worth.

If this was the case I think people might actually spend money on healthcare for people. However, that maybe another debate or argument.



More than anything this is really a financial issue. Governments are just not willing to spend money on things like this that don't have instant returns. You know times are rough when the much talked about (but not cared about) International Space Station is actually just a bunch of scrapped ideas for space stations including the U.S. Space Station Freedom (funding was given a major blow), Russia's Mir 2, The European's Columbus and the Japanese Experiment Module KIBO.

Hawking We may need the billionaires of the world to put some of their extra money into these efforts. Only then can some real progress be made and some risk taken in a future that may provide so much potential and advantages.

If anything the one person on earth who could make space travel and colonization popular is no other than...

If one of her favorite things was buying land and a house on Mars you know the American housewives would scream in agreement and attempt to do the same. Our problem may be solved and in less than a year most of America's upper middle class families would have moved to Mars. Or not...


How do we get to realize Mr. Hawking's dream?

ABC News

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