Saturday, April 19, 2008

Parents are so Funny

- I never thought the reaction clips to 2 Girls 1 Cup were funny until I saw this one....I think parents give the best responses just because they are generally freaked out and amused at the gross things their children watch on the internets. Then again many people also watch Rachel Ray on their Satellie/IO Digital cable so I'm sure their kids would be amazed at the the shitty things their parents watch on TV.

- Grandparents give even better reactions.


It's true. Any child who shows this to his parents needs to talk to someone. Could you imagine Prince Charles showing this to his mother? He'd probably lose his spot to to the throne.

I could never show to my parents. If I did I'd be beaten to a crisp. Or at least sent to rehab. Either way it is definitely worth the watch and you should attempt to show your parents too. I wonder what would happen if I happened to be a member of the Texas Polygamist compound and I showed them this video? I don't even want to think about that outcome.

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