Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making Perfect Babies in the 21st Century

After watching Gattaca, Children of Men, Blade Runner and Maury(you really got to see this) it is easy to see how the concepts of genetics and DNA have a special place in the human conscious as well in the world of entertainment.

A recent Washington Post explores the possibility of "perfect babies." Although this topic has been in discussion for quite sometime now the possibilities are becoming more realistic and accessible. We are starting to move beyond the stage of PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) where we can scan  for embryos that we deem unfavorable for birth.

Which embryo is the bad one?

Now the next step is gene manipulation. It's at the center of a hot debate among "bioethicist" (its funny how new career titles are created out of new technologies that cause ethical debates). Now we may have the ability to insert favorable genetic material into our genome and remove the unfavorable genetic material.

It sounds promising but as writers and directors of television & film continue to creatively visualize the possibilities of this technology one wonders why these movies don't seem to end up with overly happy endings like romantic comedies...Why the negativity and fear? What do you think Bryan?

Washington Post

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