Saturday, April 19, 2008

London Stinks Because of France

Apparently someone farted in France and the smell traveled all the way to Southern England and London.

So basically on Friday morning (April 17th), the nice and friendly folk of Southern England and London woke up to a funky smell in the air. Some thought it was city sewer's over flowing and others thought it was Amy Winehouse.

A forecaster from the U.K. Metreological Office said the smell was not English and that it came from Europe. I guess Londoners know what their foul smells, smells like and this smell was not one of them.

The Daily Mail (A British Tabloid), blamed France for the smell. An alternate explanation was given that the smell(or substance) was trapped in the atmosphere and finally the cloud couldn't hold it in so it finally had to let it rip.

On the positive side though supposedly this happens from time to time, there are no health risk involved and its not uncommon. So no need to worry...this pungent smell will be back.

ABC News

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