Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Bone Action

Here are some things that tickled my funny bone today:

Astrology is bunk. Who knew? Apparently, only a small minority of Brits. I'd love to hear that this is not the case here in the good old USA, but I somehow doubt it. Let me make this abundantly, inarguably, absolutely clear: Astrology is bullshit. It's a scam. It's left over from a time when people thought they could transform lead into gold with magic (which is essentially all "alchemy" was). I know Newton was big on Alchemy, but you can't hit the bull's eye with every shot I guess.

I don't have a rant about this next one, I just think it's absolutely awesome. Unaltered headline: UK man dresses up like Darth Vader, beats up "Star Wars" nerds. I don't know who this guy is, but I want him patrolling my streets keeping them free of evil and... Jedi, I guess.

Now for another little rant. Apparently a couple of Chinese citizens are suing CNN for... not libel, not slander, no, for causing "mental harm" to the plaintiffs. Apparently they haven't been exposed to cable news before. If they had any previous experience, they'd be well aware that it causes mental harm to everyone who views it, regardless of race, creed, or whatever. You can't sue the news companies any time they say stupid things, or things you disagree with. They're protected by the First Amendment (or what's left of it after the last 7 years and a bit...).


Sorry for the rambling nature of this post. Here's a funny picture to make up for it.


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