Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eating Dogs or Pigs?

dog and pig

Which one is smarter?

I always thought dogs were smarter than pigs. When remembering Lassie and then comparing her(it is a her right?) to Babe, it seems like the dog was doing some bad ass stuff. Although Babe could talk, he or she had nothing of importance to say besides complaining about the farmer.

When I think about it I can't tell the genders of these animals by their names and I certainly wasn't watching the movies to catch their gender in between their legs. That would just be gross and awkward for anyone sitting next to me.

But the real question lies in the in the issue of intelligence. And furthermore animals rights as related to the consumption of animals. In Korea, 2 to 4 million dogs are eaten each year. That is about the same as the amount of people who turned out for Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday.

This stuff gets weirder as officials in Seoul will launch inspections of illegal dog meat restaurants even though the restaurants are themselves illegal.

Animal rights activists are planning to protest and their online campaign stuff to stop the Seoul government from reclassifying dogs as livestock.

What is odd about this to me is why this hasn't done for pigs who are known to be smarter then dogs. It's interesting that we are trying to get Korea to comply to Western Standards. Is it the ugliness of pigs or their unsightliness that makes them more edible? Granted, many cultures and many people do not eat pork in general but still.

Do we even care if pigs are intelligent? As one farmer from England explains, "we've been eating meat since we've managed to stand on hind legs...A natural part of being human is eat meat." This is probably true. The farmer also goes on to say that "it's natural to eat animals even if they're smart." I don't know about that one, especially if I saw some turkey typing on AIM or using facebook or if I saw a cow doing the dance to "Crank That (Souljah Boy)", I might seriously reconsider eating beef or turkey...for a day at least.

The farmers adds the animals would eat us if we didn't. I don't even know how to respond that. Considering we are the ones that keep them in captivity so we can breed them for food. It's interesting considering I've heard more about dogs attacking humans than pigs. I'm not advocating becoming a vegetarian, but I'm trying to question the logic(if such exist) of legalizing the consumption of dogs (despite their overall coolness and playful) or even criminalizing the consumption of pigs(despite their perceived tastiness to many people)?

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