Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bloomberg for Life

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (R) walks with South Africa President Thabo Mbeki on his arrival in the capital Harare April 12, 2008. Mbeki is in Zimbabwe for talks with Mugabe on the country's election deadlock, before a regional leaders meet in neighbouring Zambia to discuss the crisis.

In the far away magical land of Africa where lions rule as kings and hyenas can talk (coincidentally sounding like Whoppi Goldberg) a little problem like constitutional terms limits or losing elections will not deter these life long public servants.

While some countries are attempting to get rid of presidents who have overstayed their welcomes and other countries are dealing with their presidents who are suspected of extending their stays, we in America know that this stuff can never happen here.

With the forces of Barack Skywalker and Princess Hillary ready to bring down Emperor Cheney and Darth Bush we won't have any problems getting rid of the decider.

If only this was a joke...

But enough with the liberal propaganda. In our very own backyard a popular, wealthy, and successful mayor is planning to extend his own stay. I admit that even I would welcome it. It's no other than His Majesty Lord Mayor Mike Bloomberg of the grand city-nation-state of New York City.

Through some mysterious source it is being reported that Bloomberg aides are figuring out ways to enable their boss to stay for another four years. Although a spokesperson was quick to refute it (as spokespersons are supposed to do when damaging things like this leak), one still wonders if his plan will work and if it will even be a bad thing.

Since City Council is dealing with its own corruption issues it may not have to time to help Mayor Bloomberg become mayor for life. However, it may not be so bad having a mayor for life. He's so rich that he doesn't need NYC's money. He's a smart dude and seems nice enough.

Tyra and Bloomie

Enlightened Mayoralism isn't such a bad concept. I think it's something worth thinking about...

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