Tuesday, April 15, 2008

China wins Pre-Olympics Gold Medal

China has always been a winner at life. It's the 3rd largest country in the world after Russia and Canada and it may have the world's largest population (clocking in 1,321,851,888 according to a 2007 estimate) and its GDP is 10.17 trillion

Now according to the BBC news, China has won a Gold Medal for executions. As the article highlights, Chinese authorities have executed a minimum of 470 people last year and most likely many more according to Amnesty International.

This execution stuff gets interesting because according to Amnesty International China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the US are responsible for 88% of known executions in the world. I'm sort of shocked that the U.S. is up there but then again I'm sure they meant the nation-state of Texas as being responsible for these high rates.

We still love Texas though.

It's assumed that our favorite Olympic host China is probably responsible for the bulk of executions world wide and as such Amnesty's UK director declared that "As the world's biggest executioner, China gets the 'gold medal' for global executions."

What does it all mean though? The article list what people are executed for but it doesn't mention the rate of crime or mention China's increasingly expanding population. Although there is a moral argument for and against the death penalty to begin with, can we judge China's executions? Should they be forced to cave in to Western demands?

BBC News

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