Friday, April 25, 2008

Brian Greene Talks about String Theory

Check this talk by String Theorist Brian Greene. He uses a lot of helpful visuals to explain string theory. I think it's interesting and worth the watch.

He refers to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) near the end which I mentioned in an earlier post this week. LHC may help support the idea of String Theory and in turn we may find some unseen dimensions. Watch and learn:

I can see why many people in the world of physics hate string theory. It's just that amazing (to some people) that if true it would make a lot of things clearer. That is definitely unsettling to a lot of people in the physics world.

via TED

Little note:

In way its almost analogous to Clinton and Obama's campaigns in a unique way.

In the Obama way its almost metaphysical and philosophical to refer to the idea of Hope. A lot of people are afraid of idealism or are just pessimistic about happy endings. String Theory has a sort of "Yes We Can," feel to how it gives life to the world of physics. It's appealing. We don't know what to expect but we have hope that it will open our eyes and our minds to a whole new way of thinking about physics. It's elegant and fits our intellectual mode of thought. Although we can necessarily see it, if we know it be true we can speculate about great it would be to learn more about it.

In another way it is very much like the Clinton campaign. It appears almost like a Solution to everyday questions in physics. Not that physics has everyday questions but there are some long standing theories that have yet to be tested in a physical sense. A lot of people don't understand how people can believe in it. String Theory turns what was once a dream into reality.We might know why the structure of the universe is as it is. In a sense well elegant, it also simplies a lot of things and creates a sense of order. It's almost a juggernaut of an idea and theory and may knock a lot of other ones. It's seemingly less pragmatic because it's full of holes, it's flawed and simply unbelievable but it seems to work it feels right, and when you think about it might just but a logical face on the largely untested world of physics.

Or maybe this is all talk....

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