Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Backlash against Vampire Weekend

Like with all popular obscure hipsters bands  you may have not heard of, the love affair with what is perceived as "new  and cool music," must come to an end. The band doesn't stop making music but the listeners stop wanting to listen to their music. We call this a backlash. Wikipedia definition:

A backlash is a popular extreme negative reaction against something that has gained popularity, prominence, or influence. While sometimes a backlash represents a categorical rejection of the idea, aesthetic, product, or fad in question, it often is more reflective of a collective resentment of that thing's ubiquity in culture and media, more than its mere existence.

Unfortunately the next victim of this trend is Vampire Weekend. As explained in an article in New York Magazine, the band was on its way up in October 2006 after being mentioned in some random blog. The random blog led to some good buzz and rave reviews followed by saturation, being overhyped and then the dreaded backlash.

Sometimes I wonder if the problem is that in the search for obscure bands we raise them to unrealistic expectations only to punish bands after our attention spans break or we realize we wasted 123.8mbs of iPod space to devote to a band that is nothing more than a resurrection of what we've already heard in the 80s. Who knows?

But if the music sounds good does it even matter?

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Vampire Weekend

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